Secrets of Shading

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Secrets of Shading gives you the foundational knowledge you will need to render organic forms from imagination and better understand your references.

Here is a free preview chapter:

We begin with diagrams and exercises to help you understand shading and rendering as "drawing on the inside" of dimensionally conceived forms, and move on to several practical demonstrations.

Several demonstrations are done with pencil and provide some insight into working with graphite, but the concepts are applicable to all media.  All chapters are fully narrated. All videos are 1080p full HD.

Here is a list of the chapters contained in this tutorial:

1- Light on a basic sphere and intro to compression

2- Point and soft light sources

3- Light on elliptical / lozenge shapes

4- Light on complex organic shapes

5- Tentacle demo 1

6- Tentacle demo 2

7- Two arm demos

8- Full figure demo

9- Bonus World Tree process

-Materials overview video

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Five hours of lecture and demonstration on the necessary knowledge for shading organic forms.


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Secrets of Shading

160 ratings
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